Mark Batchelor and Damon Malcom
Jacks Creek Tree Farm's History

Damon Malcom and Mark Batchelor began operations
at Jacks Creek Farm in 1996. Together, they have 34 years
of nursery experience. Mark graduated from the
University of Georgia in 1987 with a B.S.A. in Ornamental
Horticulture, while Damon brings many years of
experience to the company.

During the first year of operation, over 950 trees,
consisting of 3 different species, were planted in one acre
of land. All of the trees were planted in root control bags and
are machine dug out of the field. Since February of 2000,
Jack's Creek Farm plants more than 10,000 trees
with 50 different species!

The goal of Jacks Creek Nursery has always been to produce
high quality trees for customers at a reasonable price.

Damon and Mark are pleased to invite you and your
family to visit Jack's Creek Farm.